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25 Things to Do in Turin

If you're traveling to Northern Italy, visit Turin. You won't regret it.

Located in northern Italy in the Piedmonte region, Turin, or Torino, is a hub of Italian culture and industry. The city is the fourth largest in the country and was the first capital when Italy unified in the 1800s. The 2006 Winter Olympics was held here and is also home to Italy’s most successful football team, Juventus. For all its splendor and history, Turin is under-appreciated. Here is a list of some of the wonderful adventures the city has to offer. 

1. Visit the hilltop Basilica di Superga.

Basilica di Superga

2.Tour the ancient ruins of Porta Palatina.

3. Have a picnic on the banks of the Po River at the Parco del Valentino.

4. Explore the history of true crime at Cesare Lombroso’s Museum of Criminal Anthropology.

5. Visit the Palazzo Madama, the former residence for the royal women of the past.

Palazzo Madama

6. Dine on authentic Piedmont cuisine at Cianci Piola Caffé.

7. Take a tour of the city’s underground tunnels and cellars.

8. Take in the sight of The Shroud of Turin in The Duomo. The fabric is said to be Jesus’ burial cloth and has the imprint of a face, which many believe belongs to Jesus.

Shroud of Turin

9. Catch a football game at the Juventus Stadium. 

10. Get lost in the 16th-century Royal Palace, Palazzo Reale.

Mole Antonelliana

11. Snap a picture of the the Mole Antonelliana tower, one of the city’s defining landmarks.

12. Enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants in the Piazza San Carlo.

13. Hunt for treasures amongst the 250 stalls at the Balon Flea Market.

14. See what the surface of Mars would be like at ROCC Mars Yard. They’ve created the landscape using soil from Mount Vesuvius.

15. Go shopping on Via Roma, the city’s main shopping street. 

16. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valentino Castle, and the nearby medieval village, Borgo Medieval. 

Valentino Castle

17. Grab an afternoon drink, an aperitivo, at a local bar in the Piazza Vittorio Vento. 

18. Travel back to ancient Egypt at Torino’s Egyptian Museum.

19. Learn about the Turin’s biggest industrial export at the Fiat Lingotto Factory. The rooftop race track is a particular point of interest. 

Fiat Factory

20. Savor delicious chocolate creations at Guido Gobino. Make sure you try some Gianduja, often thought of as the original Nutella.

21. Wander through the oldest part of the city in the Quadrilatero neighborhood. This is where the Romans first settled in the area. 

22. Immerse yourself in the National Museum of Cinema, one of Italy’s most visited museums. 

National Museum of Cinema

23. Sip on some coffee at one of the city’s three 19th-century cafes, Caffè San Carlo, Baratti & Milano. and the Art Nouveau Caffè Torino.

24. Take in a live musical performance at Cortile del Maglio.

25. Explore Italy’s Versailles, Reggia di Venaria Reale. 

Reggia di Venaria Reale




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