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5 of the Best Places for 30-Somethings to Live in Italy

If you’re entering a new phase of life and are looking for a place to settle down, look to Italy.

By the time you’re thirty, you’re looking to settle down. Whether that means getting married, buying a house, or starting a family, 30 is a new phase of life. If you’re approaching this life phase and are looking for a place to spend the rest of your life, check out these places in Italy. 

1. Rome

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If you’re looking for a vibrant city full of history and people, Rome is the place for you. If you have kids, there is a wide range of public and private schools to choose from as well as plenty of museums and parks to spend off days. For those forgoing children, the city has a thriving nightlife and plenty of restaurants to meet up with friends after a hard day at work. Rome also has plenty of job opportunities, and overall the city is 34% cheaper than London with rent around $1,500.00.

2. Naples

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As Italy’s third-largest city, Naples has all the benefits of Rome and Milan without the cost. The city has about 4 million citizens and a strong ex-pat community if you are moving from in from another country. There are plenty of jobs in the tourism industry and opportunities to start something new. Naples also has an adventurous edge, as Mount Vesuvius, a still active volcano, is only 6 miles away from the city. 

3. Trento

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Located in Northern Italy, Trento is a bustling town of a little over 117,000. If you’re someone who likes the taste of city life but also thrives in nature, Trento can offer you the best of both. Local housing has plenty of green space options, and mountains surround the area. Additionally, public transportation is excellent, and the local university keeps the city modern and progressive. 

4. Bologna

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Bologna, located in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, was named one of the most livable cities in 2011. The area is an education hub with the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies being one of the biggest employers. The local train station also provides service to hundreds of different cities. You would be able to commute for work or take a day trip somewhere if the feeling struck. Bologna is perfect for people who are looking to start a family but still need the bustling atmosphere of the city. 

5. Sardinia 

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If you’re looking for a slower pace, move to the island of Sardinia. You can pick from a variety of towns depending, on the size you’re looking for. Everything is within walking distance, the weather is gorgeous, and you will be making your home in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Additionally, the island is home to a high population of people who live past 100 years old. If you move to this island, you’re almost guaranteed a longer than average life span. 



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