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7 of the Trendiest Neighborhoods in Rome

If you want to live in Rome, check out these neighborhoods!

Rome is one of the busiest cities in Italy. For some, it’s overwhelming, others find it invigorating and thrilling. If you fall into the latter category and are looking to relocate, check out these Roman neighborhoods. 

1. Trastevere

Trastevere is the perfect neighborhood for someone who is looking for a thriving nightlife and the nonstop bustle of a tourist city. 

2. Aventino

Though Aventino is located downtown, it’s a quiet neighborhood with easy access to the metro, and therefore all of Rome. 

3. Monti

Located five minutes from the Roman Forum and Colosseum, Monti is the place to be if you’re living in Rome. 

4. La Piccola Londra

If you’re looking for the Italian lifestyle, but prefer the design elements of England, check out Little London. 

5. Prati

A more modern neighborhood in Rome, Prati was established sometime in the 19th-century. 

6. Testaccio

Home to a thriving food market and Rome’s last pyramid, Testaccio is a great neighborhood to raise a family. 

7. Ostiense

If you’re looking for a thriving street art scene and eclectic nightlife, Ostiense is your neighborhood. 


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