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Why You Should Retire in Italy

Are you considering retirement? Why not retire in Italy.

Retirement is a time of relaxation. You have worked hard for many years, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have all the time in the world to pursue hobbies, travel, whatever your heart desires. Now that you don’t have a job tying you down, why not retiring in Italy? Here are all the reasons why Italian retirement is the best retirement. 

1. The Social Life

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No matter where you go, you will always be able to find groups of people gathering in the main squares or enjoying a drink at the local cafes. Italians appreciate the time they can spend outdoors engaged in conversation. Every day you could stroll through town and enjoy a moment with friends. Another bonus is the mental stimulation will help keep your brain active, especially if you are learning the language. 

2. The Food

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Italian food is some of the best food around, and the Mediterranean diet has long been lauded by scientists as a way of healthy living. There are plenty of fresh food markets to explore and new recipes to try. Imagine spending your golden years immersed in rich flavors accompanied by a glass of authentic Italian wine. 

3. Affordable Housing

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Granted, all of the country’s major cities will have significantly higher prices than the rest of the country. However, they’ll be cheaper than what you find in most American cities, so it’s probably a worthy trade-off. That being said, if you expand your search outside of places like Rome, or Venice, you can get a lot more bang for your buck. 

4. Weather

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When many people retire, they are looking for warmer locations. They can easily find that in Italy. However, some would prefer to have all four seasons, Italy has that too. You could spend your summers in the South and winters in the North all without leaving the country. 

5. Culture

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Everywhere you go in Italy, you can find a historical site, a museum, Roman ruins, etc. There will always something new for you to discover. Whenever the desire strikes, you can tour a piece of history few have seen before. And let’s not forget that basically, every building in the country is a work of art. 




  1. Whoa!! Some serious errors here!! To come to Italy you need a long stay visa from the consulate nearest you first. This must be renewed every single year once your are here, your ‘permesso di sogiorno’, permission to stay.. If you are retired you can get this elective visa with a passive income of minimum 31,000€ per year. This does not mean you are an Italian citizen,( a long procedure with many years and requirements here), it simply means you have residence in Italy…and to have that you must have healthcare. The healthcare system here is NOT free, it is .075% of your income, payable every January. If you arrive and pay in for example, Nov., or any other month, you will pay again the full amount in January.
    I stopped reading at this point in the blog to make this comment.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I appreciate it and will do better in the future.

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