8 Reasons Growing up with Italian Cousins Is the Absolute BEST 🇮🇹

If you were raised with your Italians cousins, consider yourself blessed!

Here are 8 reasons growing up with Italian cousins is the best! What memories did you make growing up with Italian cousins? Let us know in the comment section!

1. They are more like your siblings than cousins

Italian cousins often create such a strong bond that they feel more like siblings than cousins!

2. They’re your first best friends

Italians already have made their very first best friends before they could even walk! Chances are, you still considered them your best friends!

3. You always had a ton of company at the kid’s table

If you grew up in an Italian home, you know that you were never alone at the “kid’s table”! Cousins made family parties thrilling!

4. There was nothing better than sleepovers by Nonna’s

Staying up late and having sleepovers by Nonna’s house is one salient memory Italian cousins have. The best part was that Nonna was always ecstatic to have you all over!

5. They have your back through thick and thin

Just as siblings are protective over one another, Italian cousins are as well. They will not hesitate to stand up for you under any condition!

6. You got all of their hand-me-downs

Italians are some of the least wasteful people, so you bet hand me downs are common!

7. They love you unconditionally

Italian cousins will never stop loving you and being there for you regardless of what happens in life.

8. You don’t have to explain that your family is crazy because they’re a part of it

Some children are embarrassed to have friends over because Italian families are often loud and a bit insane. However, you never had to worry about that with your cousins because they are a part of the big crazy family! Since family members have the power to create such a lasting impact on you, chances are, you made some of your best childhood memories with your cousins!

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