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9 Reasons Why You Must Watch Gomorra

By Dominique Rose DiBartolo

Gomorra is an international hit show for a reason; no matter which country you’re from or what language you speak, the crime-drama television series has engulfed viewers across the globe. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s not too late. It’s coming to HBO Max soon, with all four seasons and the spin-off film to binge on.

  1. Gomorra makes The Sopranos look like child’s play.

We’ve all laughed at countless episodes of The Sopranos with antihero Tony Soprano. Whether he was feeding ducks, schooling Paulie, or talking to his therapist, Soprano still appeared likable. But Gomorra‘s crime boss, Pietro Savastano, will scare you witless. From the first episode of season one, the viewer quickly learns Savastano will truly test the loyalty of his followers.

2. Pietro Savastano will give you nightmares.

Literally; you won’t see it coming when he betrays someone, and the way in which he does. His actions are not only shocking, but sometimes they are downright sickly.

3. And so will his wife, Imma Savastano.

If there’s anyone worse than Pietro Savastano, it may be Imma Savastano. But it’s admirable she is a female force to be reckoned with. Usually, we are used to an all male mafia cast commonly seen in American mob movies and television shows.

4. Their son Gennaro gives the show twists and turns you won’t see coming.

Is he the son his father always wished for? Or is he the nightmare his mother created? This provides for an interesting debate among other viewers of the show.

5. Ciro Di Marzio is the underdog you’ll be rooting for.

He’s the guy you’ll love to hate; and hate to love. His character goes between antihero and antagonist quiet often, and you’ll savor each and every one of his next moves.

6. The television series is based off of Roberto Saviano’s novel, based on his time in the actual Camorra.

Yes, you read that right. The author infiltrated the infamous crime organization as one of its seemingly loyal members. In his novel, he exposed which businesses, people, and neighborhoods are poisoned by the Camorra. The show reflects the novels; The Camorra is not glamorous, and it’s affiliates are stuck in a vicious cycle.

7. There is always an influx of plenty new characters each episode.

The show has had over seventy five characters in and out of episodes. About every other episode, Gomorra focuses on one sole character and their backstory, present, and future. But don’t become too attached to these characters they begin to showcase!

8. You will start to learn Neapolitan from the characters.

Guagliune! Watching Gomorra will help you learn the unique and beautiful language of Neapolitan quickly. So, ma cche staje faccen‘? Let’s turn on season one now.!

9. You’ll get glimpses of Napoli and several other cities in Italy.

The later seasons of Gomorra highlight the coast of Napoli as well as the heart of the city, the Forcella neighborhood. Gennaro Savastano also ventures to Milan and Rome numerous times.

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