6 Things to Expect When Meeting an Italian

From their lasting impression to their constant loudness, you will know that they are Italian before they even tell you their name!

Check out our list of 6 things to expect when meeting an Italian!

1. The Strong First Impression

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Most of the time when you meet an Italian they will leave a lasting impression on you. From their handshake to the warm greeting they give, you might forget their name but you most definitely won’t forget the first time you met them.

2. The Physical Contact

We all know about the Italian cheek kiss. If you are meeting a complete stranger than the physical contact is less likely to happen, Depending on the conversation or connection you had with them, they will definitely give you the cheek kiss by the end of the encounter.

3. The Eye Contact

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They say that when someone is giving you eye contact it means they are interested in what you are saying and Italians are all about it (at least the ones I’ve encountered). Of course, this isn’t for every Italian, but most of them will give you their full attention. Or they stare at you a lot, it all depends on the person.

4. The Loudness & Hand Gestures

No surprise here. Italians are known for their loudness and constant hand movements. This is just them being their authentic selves.

5. The Friendliness & Warm Feeling

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Most of the time when meeting an Italian they will be very warm and friendly and you will instantly feel comfortable to be yourself around them. After all, you are with your own kind so why wouldn’t you feel comfortable?

6. They Give Great Advice

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Always willing to help, Italians will try to help you and give you advice anyway they can. They will try to relate to you and put themselves in your shoes in order to give you advice.

What have you noticed when first meeting Italians? Let us know in the comment section below.


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