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5 Clothing Items You CANNOT Wear to an Italian Family Event 😳

When it comes to Italian family parties, there are certain rules for what you can and cannot wear.

Wear the following at your own risk…

1. Ripped Jeans

Nonna will immediately say “no worry” and start walking towards you with a needle and thread.

2. Distressed Tees/ Jackets

Nonna will say back in her day she sewed clothes when they ripped and now “YOU KIDS BUY THEM LIKE THIS?”

3. Anything Cropped

Just not a good idea. Your family will either ask if you shrunk it in the dryer or if you got it at baby GAP.

4. Short Shorts/ Dresses/ Skirts

You already know your uncles are over-protective as it is, so maybe its best to stay away from the “short-shorts”.

5. Low cut shirts

Unless you want your Nonna to whisper in your mom’s ear about you, COVER UP.

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