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Top 7 Reasons Not to Argue With an Italian Woman

They say that the woman is always right. Well, this is especially true with Italian women!

They say that the woman is always right. Well, an Italian woman is 100%, undoubtedly right!

If you like to argue, maybe you should think again before dating an Italian woman because you will NEVER win with them.

Here are the top 7 reasons not to argue with an Italian woman! What would you add to this list? Comment below!

1. It is like talking to a brick wall

2. She will 100% call her mother and tell her everything

3. Italian women go from 0-100 FAST

4. She will remember EVERYTHING you say (and likely bring it up for the next 70 years)

5. If she says, “Do whatever you want” or “I’m not bad” just know she means the opposite

6. She likely thinks that speaking louder will help her get her point across, so be prepared to go deaf

7. Watch out for flying shoes and slippers. She learned from her mom and has excellent aim

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