Do You Have to Tip in Italy? πŸ’΅ Everything You Need to Know

Many wonder if it is necessary to tip in Italy.

Should I Tip at a Restaurant?

Tipping in Italy is extremely different than tipping in America. Many individuals wonder if it is necessary to tip in Italy. The tip is already included in the bill and therefore it is unnecessary to tip. However, it is nice to tip tour guides.

Many Italian restaurants add a service charge of about 1-3 Euro automatically to your check. When ordering coffee at a cafe, a tip is not necessary. Other times, there is “copertoΒ ” or a cover charge. Coperto is generally 1 to even 5 € and covers the cost of bread, cutlery, and tablecloths that must be washed.

Although coperto seems a bit strange to tourists, it is completely normal in Italy. When you sit down to eat in Italy, it is often polite to round your bill up to the nearest euro. You may tip extra if you’d like and it will be greatly appreciated. However, it is not expected.

What About Taxi Drivers?

It is extremely rare to tip taxi drivers in Italy. Therefore rounding your total to the nearest euro is sufficient. However, if your taxi driver went the extra mile to help you with your luggage or provide advice, it is nice to leave a small tip.

What About Hotel Staff?

It is often expected to leave a small tip to the hotel staff who clean your room. When it comes to the tipping hotel staff who carry luggage, the general rule of thumb is to tip a euro or two per bag.


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