Table Matters: The Importance of the Family Dinner Table Ritual

The dinner table is probably the most important place in an Italian home and eating together as a family is essential.

With busy schedules becoming the norm, it is often easy to run out and grab food. Many families also find it easier to let their children eat dinner wherever they please whether that be on the couch or in their bedrooms. However, the family dinner table ritual is more important for your family’s physical and mental health than you may believe. Here is the importance of eating dinner together as a family.

Slowing Down and Being Present

There is something about sitting down at the dinner table without cellphones that creates a sense of presence.

Mental Health

A study by Pediatrics, found that kids who eat with their families at the table were less likely to get into drug use.

Physical Heath

According to research from the American Society For Nutrition, children who ate at home had a lower body-mass index than those who did not.

Better Grades

Students who ate together as a family 5 to 7 times per week did much better with their grades reporting mostly As and Bs.


Research indicates that families who eat dinner together feel a stronger bond.

Saving Money

A family of 4 could save nearly $40 a week per person by simple eating at home instead of at restaurants.

Eating Mindfully

Slowing down to enjoy your food can actually make you full faster and significantly decrease your portion size.

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