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Check Out Florence’s Student Hotel: A New Type of Hotel

Tired of the same old hotel set up when you travel? Check out The Student Hotel.

Located just minutes from Fortezza da Basso in the bustling city of Florence resides a one-of-a-kind hotel experience unlike anything seen before. The Student Hotel, housed inside the 19th-century guesthouse for the Kingdom di Sardegna, is a place where any type of traveler can feel at home. Geared towards those seeking inspiration, the hotel caters to vacationers, business travelers, and students. Guests are welcome to stay for a night or even a year. 

“[We are] a four-star structure with a hybrid and multifunctional nature, aiming at a mix of different people, to offer a wide range of services,” said manager Salvatore Marmolaro in a recent interview. 

Opened in 2018, The Student Hotel has a brightly colored interior decorated with inspirational sayings or popular phrases in every room. There are about 390 rooms in total with 200 dedicated to university student usage. Starting rates are $69 a night for hotel guests and $694 a month for students. Parents of student boarders can also get a night free. 

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a giant sign saying, ‘Everybody should like Everybody.’ Inside, they’ll head to the reception area to check-in or play on the indoor swings available. The hotel also has a game room with ping pong tables for tournaments, a kitchen/cafeteria, restaurant, and bar. They also have meeting rooms, office spaces, auditorium, gym, and a rooftop pool embellished with the words, ‘The Beach is Boring.’

Marmolaro said, “Our target guest is anyone with a curious and open spirit.”

Recently, plans for a second Student Hotel were announced. This 550-room building will be located in a former Fiat factory in the Palazzo Belfiore close to the heart of Florence. This new hotel will have 32,000 square feet of office space, a 16,000 square foot market, 600 parking spots, and 14,00 square feet for third-party retailers. This new hotel is scheduled to open sometime in 2021. 

On top of these two locations, the company has plans for a third location in Florence.

TSH founder and CEO, Charlie MacGregor, said, “The stunningly beautiful city of Florence is a magnet for TSH’s core community of international students.”


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