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Without Tourism, The Stunning Amalfi Coast is Slipping to Poverty

With the dramatic decline in tourism due to COVID-19, the stunning Amalfi Coast is slipping to poverty according to a In a recent article by The Washington Post.

In Italy, tourism represents 13 percent of Italy’s gross domestic product and the Amalfi Coast is not the only region hurting.

Around 90 percent of hotel and travel agency bookings for March have been canceled in Rome and up to 80 percent in Sicily.

The article by The Washington Post explains that a 43-year-old Italian man named Ninfo Falcone has had to deal with unemployment in numerous ways including dipping into his savings. Prior to COVID-19, he was working in a stunning resort for 15 years and “making sure the guests in 1,200 euro-a-night rooms could order seafood spaghetti at any hour”.

A location once flooded with tourists has become somewhat desolate. Beaches that were once covered in sunbathers are now empty.

Many other Amalfi Coast hospitality workers have been spending their time on empty beaches.

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