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The Five Smallest Towns in Italy

Can you guess the population of Italy's smallest town?

Italy has hundreds of villages and towns that have never been seen by anyone but locals and the occasional lost tourist. These places are untouched gems, existing apart from the rest of society. Though these villages may be tiny, the residents are content to spend their lives in these happy hamlets enjoying the tight community they have created. But just how small of a town are we talking about here? 

I present to you, Italy’s five smallest towns. 

5. Pedesina


Located in the Lombardy region in the Bergamasque Alps, the town of Pedesina is home to 41 people, 21 families total. There are about 164 residential buildings along with a local shop and bar. Pedesina was once known for its production of pezzottos, or hand-woven carpets. Now, it is known for its bitto, a local cheese. 

4. Cervatto


Cervatto is a mountain village located in the valley near the Italian Alps. There are 35 permanent residents with 222 housing units. These housing units get put to good use during the summer months when the town’s population swells to around 600. To accommodate this influx of visitors, Cervatto has a hotel and a local pizzeria. 

3. Moncenisio


Located over 4,000 feet above sea level, the mountainous village of Moncenisio is home to 30 people. The winters are long and brutal, but the beauty of the summer months make the struggle worth it. 

2. Ingria 


Home to 29 people, Ingria is the smallest village in the Piedmont region. Many people stumble upon this village while they are hiking through the area. The town has 328 residential buildings but there are no tourist accommodations. The closest hotel is 5 miles in Ponte-Canavese. 

1. Morterone


Tied for first with Ingria, the village of Morterone is found 31 miles outside of Milan. The population was 28, but in July 2020, the first baby born in eight years bumped the count up to 29. The town is still large enough to have a mayor, but the closest school is nine miles away. 



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