Woman Giving the Finger in Italian Funeral Poster

While funeral posters and manifestos in Italy usually contain a beautiful and tasteful photo of the deceased, the children of this woman chose a rather interesting photo for their mothers manifesto.

Irma Filomena Nanni, 84, passed away on August 18 in the town of Rimini and what was put on her funeral poster after she had passed is far from the normal Italian deceased manifestos.

Irma is seen smiling and giving the middle finger in her poster which is something you don’t see every day as many posters are filled with prayers and religious quotes.

The manifesto had been published on the “Matti di Rimini” Facebook page and had gotten a lot of likes and comments of people saying, “I want that too” and “my new idol”, but not all the feedback on the photo was positive.

“To us children, she would always say: ‘don’t let anyone put their feet on your head.’

Daniela Mancini – Daughter of Irma

“It was not her choice, but mine and my children’s choice,” Daniela Mancini, daughter of Irma explains. “She was no religious and was born in the wrong era.”

Daniela states that the photo she chose for her mother best represented her characteristics and personality and said that they will be using the same photo of Irma for the tombstone.



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