6 Pieces of Jewelry EVERY Italian Girl Owns 💎🇮🇹

Growing up in an Italian family meant you were gifted lots of great jewelry pieces especially for you baptism, christening and confirmation.

Check out our list of 6 jewelry pieces every Italian girl owns!

1. Small Green, Red and Gold Hoops

You and all of the other little Italian girls at school wore them.

2. A Rosary Ring or Bracelet

Alexandra Rosary Ring 14K 18K Gold Catholic Rosary Ring | Etsy
Photo by Etsy

Your mother, aunts, and nonna have these too!

3. The Classic Gold Corno

Non-Italians never understood why you’d wear peppers on your neck.

4. A Big Cross Necklace

Crucifix Necklace, Filigree Cross Pendant, 24K Gold Over Bronze, Resists  Tarnishing, Guaranteed for Life, on 20 Inch Chain,: Amazon.ca: Jewelry
Photo by Amazon

This was most likely gifted to you by nonna and nonno.

5. Old Jewelry Passed Down From Nonna

Free photo Retro Jewellery Victoria London - Max Pixel
Photo by Max Pixel

Even if you don’t wear it, you still admire it’s beauty.

6. Engraved Gold ID Bracelet

Photo by Eves Addiction

Every kid got these at their baptism or communion with the date and name engraved on the.

Do you have any of these jewelry pieces? Let us know in the comments below.



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