8 Things Nonnas NEVER Buy 🛒

There are just somethings that nonna refuses to buy.

Here is our list of 8 things nonnas NEVER buy!

1. Wooden Spoons

She bought them in bulk over a decade ago ans till uses them as if they are brand new!

2. New Glass Sets

Nonna has glassware from the 1950’s that she is waiting to use. She won’t go buy new ones because she’s got so many!

3. Disposable Bags

Why would she buy bags when she has thousands saved under her sink?

4. No Name Pasta

If it’s not Barilla or De Cecco she’s not buying it!

5. Anything Overpriced

Leave it to nonna for only buying things at sale price!

6. Re-usable Containers

She saves money by re-using the icecream containers, she doesn’t need to buy brand new ones.

7. Anything From the Ethnic Aisle

Nonna likes to stick to what she knows. Italian food of course.

8. Sauces From the Store

Your face when you see someone using sauce from a jar | Italian humor, Italian  memes, Funny italian memes

Ma che schifo!

What else do nonnas never buy? Let us know in the comments below.


[Daily Express]

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