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The Six Hotels With the Best Views in the Country

If you want a view that will take your breath away, stay at one of these six hotels.

There are two different types of travelers. There are travelers who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for accommodations when they only need a place to sleep. Others want top of the line views, service, etc. If you fall into the latter category, you absolutely must stay at one of these hotels. 

6. Casa Angelina


If you want to experience true luxury during your time on the Amalfi Coast, book your stay at Casa Angelina. This 42-room boutique hotel will leave you speechless as you look out your window at the sparkling blue coastal waters. The clean lines and crisp white color palette throughout the building help to highlight the natural beauty of its surroundings.

5. Hotel Santa Caterina


After Casa Angelina, you will be hard-pressed to find better views in the area, except if you’re staying at Hotel Santa Caterina. This stunning villa offers guests a private beach club where they can lounge all day by the pool as the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea lap against the surrounding rock face. 

4. Punta Tragara Hotel


Just off the main strip of the Amalfi Coast, sits the beautiful island of Capri and the even more impressive Punta Tragara Hotel. This resort, not only offers views of the surrounding waters, but also the popular Marina Piccola and the famous Faraglioni rocks. I dare you to find another place on the island that will offer you a better sight. 

3. Il Sereno


If the coast isn’t your scene, take yourself inward and visit the Il Sereno Hotel on Lake Como. This modern luxury hotel has everything from fine dining, a spa, wine tasting, golf, hiking, etc. You name it, this hotel has it or will take you to it. Just imagine being poolside at one of Il Sereno’s stunning cabanas. Hopefully, they have poolside drink service, because I wouldn’t be moving for the entire day. 

2. Hotel Chalet al Foss


Slightly north of Lake Como in the province of Trentino, lies a hotel that most people could only dream off. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of the Dolomites from the infinity pool where a floating array of fruits, coffee, and other breakfast items awaits. Don’t even get me started on the suspended beds on each balcony that offer the perfect place to cuddle up and watch the stars. 

1. Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus


In my personal opinion, all the other hotels on this list pale in comparison to this mountainous retreat. I mean the views from the 82-foot long infinity pool alone would keep me from ever leaving my lounge chair. Additionally, the structure stands 65 feet off the ground. They also have six other indoor/outdoor pools to choose from. There is also the luxurious steam grotto and the two saunas with views of the mountains.


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