The 20 Most Beautiful Italian First and Middle Name Combinations for Girls

Looking for a gorgeous name for your baby? Here are the top 20 most beautiful Italian first and middle name combinations for girls!
  1. Victoria Elisa
  2. Gabriella Maria
  3. Giavonna Alice
  4. Cecilia Eva
  5. Sofia Elena
  6. Ariana Lucia
  7. Daniella Gema
  8. Viviana Gia
  9. Gianna Olivia
  10. Adelina Rosa
  11. Giuliana Alessia
  12. Serena Emma
  13. Bianca Luisa
  14. Vivia Elena
  15. Camilla Vittoria
  16. Giada Lia
  17. Gia Cristina
  18. Carmella Aida
  19. Marisa Sofia
  20. Abri Eleanora


  1. So many errors, here are the correct ones:
    1. Vittoria Elisa
    3. Giovanna Alice
    6. Arianna Lucia
    7. Daniela Gemma
    8. Vivia it’s not a name, maybe it’s the short for Viviana
    18. Carmela Aida
    20. Abri it’s not italian

    Anyway the combinations and names in the article are not in use from a century.

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