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5 Signs You’re Going Through Italian Travel Withdrawals

Are you suffering from a lack of Italy in your life? Here are all the symptoms.

We all know the feeling; that sinking feeling in your stomach as you return home from a wonderful trip to Italy. Everything seems a bit duller, the food bland, and the people are not as vibrant. These are common feelings and are also classic symptoms of Italian travel withdrawal. If you think you may be suffering, check the list below.

You’re Daily Pasta Intake Has Doubled


When you were in Italy, you ate some of the best food the world has to offer. Now that you’re back home, you’re struggling to recapture that magical taste. Hence, all the pasta you’ve been eating. You’re still trying to find that rich, delicious flavor that drew you in during your vacation.

You’ve Started Following Italian Themed Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts


Nothing eases your sadness like a good dose of Italian culture. You’ve joined numerous travel pages across social media to get a daily dose of Italy. Unfortunately, this symptom is a double-edged sword. The more photos you look at, the more you miss your time away. 

Your Lunch Breaks Have Grown Longer and Sometimes Include A Nap


In Italy, everything operates at a slower pace. Now that you’re back in your real life, trying to capture that laidback Italian vibe is really just hurting your work schedule. I personally am all in favor of a big lunch and a noonday snooze, but your boss might not be so open.

You’re Already Planning Your Next Trip


Though you may have only been back for a few weeks, you’ve already started laying out the itinerary for your journey back. You’ve signed up for flight deal alerts, started checking local hotel availability, and have basically jumped back into planning mode. 

You Often Say, “I wish I was back in Italy.”


Throughout the day, if you catch yourself sighing and whispering, “I wish I was back in Italy,” you are in full-on withdrawals. Everything reminds you of your time away, and you can’t help wishing you were back there once again. Hang in there, your return will come soon enough. 


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