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Top 5 Breweries in Italy

Italy is known for its wine, but its breweries are seeing a rise in popularity.

When you think of Italy, you think of wine, sprawling countryside filled with vineyards ripe with delicious grapes. However, for those who do not enjoy wine, (I know it’s shocking to me too), Italy also has its fair share of breweries. If you’re looking for some of the best places to grab a beer, check out one of these five breweries. 

Birrificio Indipendente Elay

With a beer named Punks Do it Bitter, Elay sets itself apart from all the rest. Located in Bergamo near Milan, this brewery has been around since 2010. The company’s ultimate focus is on creating a beer that is exciting to them so they can share with their ever-growing customer base. The company now has three pubs in the city and over 30 creations to choose from, including season selections like Noir Stout and Grunge IPA with Blackberries.

Archea Brewery

Florence is said to be the beer capital of the country, and Archea Brewery is one of many places for beer enthusiasts to visit. This place is a cozy hang-out filled with the musical stylings of rock legends like Black Sabbath and AC/DC and delicious brews. Archea is the ideal place to go if you want to hang out with some of the city’s locals.  

Barley Brew 

Located on the island of Sardinia, Barley Brew was founded in 2006 by Nicola Perra and Isidoro Mascia. The pair always had a love for high-quality beer, which allowed them to thrive in their niche market of barley beers. The company has grown over the years to include ten custom beer creations and an expansion into the US market. 


Developed under the spirit of experimentation, Loverbeer uses all local ingredients to create new and exciting flavors for their customers. The brewery’s owner has a long history with beer-making as he got his start many years ago his at-home fermenter. His creations grew in popularity amongst his friends and family, and word eventually spreading to those in the upper tiers of the brewing industry. Loverbeer can be found in the Marentino commune in Turin. 

Birrificio Italiano

Situated in the Lombardy region of Italy, Birrificio Italiano was a labor of love built by Agostino Arioli. This ambitious creator admits that his first couple of brewing attempts were horrendous. However, he eventually connected with Gianni Pasa, a Braumeister graduate from Germany. Under his guidance, Arioli was able to harness his skills and eventually produce some of the finest beers in the country. 


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