How to Grow Your Brows and Lashes in ONE DAY with Olive Oil

Is there really anything that olive oil isn't amazing for!?

Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive growth serums, try olive oil! Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and makes for an incredible lash and brow moisturizer!

It has been used by ancient Greeks and Romans for thousands of years for its myriad of benefits! The first cosmetic use of olive oil was during the Mycenaean era (1600-1100 B.C.) 

Mix olive oil and vaseline as shown in the video below. Biweekly, apply the serum to your eyebrows and eyelashes in an upward brushing motion using a spoolie and enjoy the incredible results.


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  1. Gurl I really needed this something backed by science and from way back in the day i have short lashes and i am like 2 weeks in and seeing results

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