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Enter This $32 Raffle for a Chance to Win a $500,000 Tuscan Home

Enter to win a chance to own a beautiful home in Tuscany!

Many people dream of one day cashing in and moving to Italy. More often than not, this idea is a retirement plan, however, a recent opportunity has arisen that could make someone’s Italian dream come true much sooner than expected. 

Jon Nurse

British couple Jon and Annmarie Nurse are currently in the process of raffling off their $517,000 four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Garfagnana. This area is located in a rural part of Tuscany and is situated just north of Lucca and Pisa. The towns in the Garfagnana region are small but are made up of beautiful historic fortresses and medieval architecture. 

The couple bought this vacation home about 11 years ago and spent the first 8 renovating the property. They added vaulted ceilings, new windows, a swimming pool, and gardens. The house will also come fully furnished for whoever wins this exciting opportunity.  

Jon Nurse

The idea to raffle off their home came to them this past spring during the lockdown in Dorest, England. The couple said they were thinking about what they could do to help people who were struggling during this economic upheaval. 

Jon said, “We just thought, You know what, why don’t we do something where we can make a bit of a difference? And the one thing we had was property.”

Jon and Annmarie are aware of the financial burden this home could present, so they plan to cover all transfer taxes and legal fees when the house is won. They will also fund any flights within Europe to Italy, along with rental car fees and accommodations when it comes time to sign the paperwork for the transfer. 

Jon Nurse

The raffle is open to anyone and costs just $32 for each entry ticket. The contest opened on September 9 and is expected to continue until January 29, 2021. The raffle has only 20,000 entry tickets available, with the winner being selected on February 1. Additionally, the Nurses plan to donate $64,600 from the raffle proceeds to The Children’s Society charity based in England. 

“This could be a truly life-changing opportunity to have your very own Tuscan retreat with a beautiful private pool – and it’s yours to do what you want with it.”

If you’re interested in entering the raffle, click here


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