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Rent Your Own Trullo in Puglia for $60 a Night!

In need of a vacation? Book a trip to Puglia!

The trullis of the Puglia region are known throughout the world. These white, cone-shaped stone houses have been around since the 4th-century.  The style was said to have been brought to the area by the Greeks and are held together with no mortar whatsoever, just superb craftsmanship. The houses were built as temporary dwellings so locals could avoid the new settlement taxes. 

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These tiny homes can be found throughout the Puglia region, and now the city of Ostuni is offering travelers the opportunity to vacation in one of these historic dwellings. This trullo features a cozy double bed, well-stocked kitchenette, bathroom, along with a spacious patio area with an infinity pool. From the communal area, guests can look out over acres of olive trees, figs, almonds, and prickly pears that are open for visitors to pick from. This property is available for long term stays, upwards of 28 days or more. 

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Currently, the listing has almost 300 reviews with a 4.57-star rating. One former guest wrote, “We spent 11 nights in the trullo and had an amazing time. The living space inside and out is so lovely that we stayed in every evening and made salad and pasta to eat on the terrace.”

Though the guest above chose to stay on-site, Ostuni’s center is only a 10-minute drive from the property. It is ideally situated for every type of traveler, from the pool-loungers to the city explorers. 

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Though this year’s traveling season may be coming to an end, it’s never to early to start making your arrangements for next year’s Italian vacay!


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