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Set Sail on this $500 Million Italian Yacht

For designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the sky is the limit when it comes to his most recent design idea.

Recently, designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini unveiled his conceptual designs for a swan-like mega yacht. Known as the Avanguardia, this vessel is unlike anything seen in the waters today. 


This ship stretches out to about 450 feet, would have 5 decks, and would be powered by an MTU Rolls-Royce Jet engine. The neck of the swan would act as a crane that could launch a smaller boat into the water when anchored. The swan’s head would serve as a detachable cockpit. The entire structure can be lowered down to the middle of the yacht while sailing, with the ship reaching up to 18 knots or 21 mph.


Lazzarini said the ship would require a crew of 10, a staff of 12, and could comfortably fit up to 60 passengers. There would be a swimming pool, two helipads, and a garage. Additionally, there would be a set of jet capsules attached to the lower deck for shorter outings beyond the yacht.


Currently, this project is just a dream of Lazzarini’s, who made a name for himself as an automotive designer before branching out some years ago. The entire concept would run about $500 million, thus limiting this yacht to only the richest of the rich. Nevertheless, the design is an impressive creation that we may one day see out on the waters. 



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