Italian Minister of Health Says Sunday Family Get-Togethers May Fuel COVID Cases

Pierpaolo Sileri, Italy's Minister of Health, states that he is worried about Sunday family get-togethers.

“Circulation of the virus will rise. It is undeniable,” Pierpaolo Sileri told InBlu radio station earlier this week. 

He explains that the highest risks of contagion are no longer in Italy’s hospitals but at family and friends get togethers.

“In previous months hospitals were amplifiers of the virus, but that does not happen now because there are protocols like there are in care homes,” Sileri explained. “Today I am much more worried about family Sunday lunches and dinners with friends”.

Although Italy continues to enforce the covid rules of social distancing, washing hands and mask-wearing, it is at family events and meetings with friends where these rules are not being followed by Italian citizens.

Currently, Italy has been reporting 1,500 new coronavirus cases per day on average.



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