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The Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in Italy

If you want to go some place new for Halloween, why not try Italy!

Being a predominately Catholic country, Halloween was never a popular holiday in Italy. Instead, most Italians would celebrate All Souls Day and All Saints Day on the two days following Halloween. However, over the years, the holiday has picked up more steam, and Italy now has dozens of Halloween festivities to take part in. If you’re looking to celebrate the spooky season in Italian style, check out some of these places. 


Known as The Town of Witches, Triora was the site of Europe’s last witch trial, with almost 200 women accused of witchcraft. Despite the dark history, the city has embraced its witchy roots and hosts a variety of witch-themed celebrations throughout the year, including Halloween. On Oct 30th and Oct 31st, Triora is adorned with spooky decorations, while participants take part in pumpkin carving and costume contests. Guests can also take haunted tours through the area and in some of the victims former homes.


Known as Festa delle Streghe, Corinaldo’s Halloween celebration draws hundreds of people every year. Running from Oct 27th to Oct 31st, the town is turned into an eerie theme park, complete with a haunted house, tilted room, and various actors dressed up as ghouls and goblins. On the fourth night of the celebration, a contest is held and the winner of the Miss Strega role is announced. 


Every year, people gather in Florence for the Florence Inferno Halloween Tour. Held on All Hallow’s Eve, this two and a half-hour tour takes guests to some of the city’s most haunted places and tells the ghostly stories behind each one. The event also features a costume contest with the winner being announced at the end of the journey. The winner is gifted an additional 1-hour secret passage tour held on the following day. 

Borgo A Mozzano

Located in the province of Lucca, Borgo a Mozzano’s Halloween party lasts from Oct 28th to Oct 31st. Many ancient legends and local mysteries are highlighted during these events including, the story of Lucinda Mansi. It was said that Lucinda was a wealthy noblewoman who sold her soul to the devil for 30 years of beauty. Depictions of Lucinda and the devil are paraded through the streets accompanied by a motley crew of demons and spirits. The procession ends at the Ponte della Maddalena, known as the Devil’s Bridge, where Lucinda’s soul is cast into the waters, to return to the underworld. In addition to this devilish tradition, guests are also invited to the Passage of Terror, a haunted trail feature ten different sets with actors portraying ghastly scenes of horror. 


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