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Discover Bubble Bar, Italy’s Smallest Mobile Wine Bar

Enjoy a glass from Italy's Prosecco bar on wheels!

Italy has always been a country of innovativeness and creativity. Italians discovered the world was round, they invented the battery, the calculator, eyeglasses, and, thanks to enterprising couple Marykate and Alessandro, the country’s smallest mobile wine bar. 

This imaginative creation came to the couple when they were planning their wedding. When it came time to discuss the open bar, they both realized their wish for a mobile Prosecco bar did not exist in Italy. With that, Bubble Bar was born. 


The highlight of Bubble Bar is the Italian vehicle it travels in. Known as the Ape, these miniature trucks were invented in 1948 by Piaggio, Vespa’s creator, to help Italy’s reconstruction efforts after the war. The vehicle has three wheels, is less than 10 feet long, and measures 5 feet wide and almost 6 feet tall. These vehicles were vital to Italy’s economic comeback, and Marykate and Alessandro felt it would be the perfect transport for their incredible idea. 

This mobile bar has enough for 200 glasses, or one barrel, of sparkling wine. It can also provide beer, depending on the client’s selection. The starting package including a 3-hour rental, a Bubble Bar expert/bartender, the wine, and decor to match the event. Beyond the standard provisions, Bubble Bar also offers additional features such as more wine barrels, customized glassware, and cocktails. 


All of the available wine is produced in Veneto, and the couple personally sees to the selection of wines available for their clients.

As the business website explains, “It is of the utmost importance to us that our bubbles are of a superior quality and its for this reason that we take such care in serving the best bubbles available.”

The company has enjoyed great success since they first hit the road. Bubble Bar has become a staple for Lake Como weddings, along with rentals for festivals, large family gatherings, and even Milan Fashion Week. In fact, the company is doing so well, they recently announced plans to expand into the New York City market. 

This fun and exciting wine bar on wheels is sure to spread its bubbles across the world!



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