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Italy Warmly Says Ciao to 2020 👋🏼

What better way to celebrate the end of one of the most chaotic years than with the hashtag "fanculo2020"? All jokes aside, this year has been ROUGH.

Counties worldwide will celebrate on December 29th as the year comes to an end. However, it appears that Venice has begun celebrating a bit early! Italy has created a few warm goodbyes to 2020, but this blog covers the top two! Just look at the way the beautiful sign below flows in the wind! “Fanculo2020” is currently hanging from a Venice canal, reminding residents how tough of a year it has been.

Venice is not the only city kindly saying goodbye to 2020. Puglia also displayed Christmas lights that read “Fanculo2020”. Very touching, we know! Mr. Andrea from Manfredonia (Foggia) created the display and set it up on a gate next to his home.

It appears that residents of Italy are truly hoping for a happier new year!

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