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8 Things Italians Just do WAY BETTER

From the tasty dishes to the captivating artwork, Italy is home to some of the better things in life.

There are undoubtedly things that Italians just do better, which is partially why it is one of the most traveled to locations. Not to mention, it has been voted as the most beautiful country in the WORLD. Here are the top 9 things that Italians do WAY BETTER!

1. Food

Let’s face it, Italian food in America is nothing like that in Italy. It simply tastes better in Italy due to their use of local ingredients and the fact that it is less processed. Meals in Italy are also more balanced as the Mediterranean diet consists of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans, and whole grains. The entire act of eating is also more relaxed. Italians take time to sit down, talk, laugh, and enjoy the moment and the meal they are consuming.

2. Coffee

When many Americans think about coffee, they envision Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. However, this is not considered real coffee to Italians. One reason that coffee in Italy is better is because of its simplicity. Americans often overload gigantic coffees with syrup, sugar, and artificial flavorings, adding hundreds of calories and taking away from the taste. However, Italians like to enjoy a simple espresso, cappuccino, or cafe latte which is made with espresso and steamed milk – plain, simple, and delicious.

3. Home cleaning

Italians will be the first to tidy up a messy home! They simply hate a dirty home and many Italian-Americans are the same way. (That’s why your family gives people dirty looks when they walk in your home with shoes on)

4. Olive oil

Fact: The olive oil in Italy is 87,645 times better. Individuals globally recognize the olive oil in Italy to be the best. One can find high-quality, delicious olive all over Italy.

5. Fashion

Italy is known for designers including  Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Versace. However, the residents of Italy also like to display their style daily. The overall look of Italian apparel is simply more elegant. In America, it is odd to see people walking around in pajamas, but trust me I have seen it.

6. Longevity

Did you know that Sardinia is considered a “blue zone”. This means that individuals there live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth. The fresh foods Sardinians consume are conducive to a long and healthy life. Some of these foods include olive oil and Cannonau wine. Further, the low-paced, minimal-stress lifestyle is conducive to a long and healthy life.

7. Rest

Rest is a crucial part of Italian culture, which may explain why many Italians live longer. There is a designated midday time for it, which is referred to as riposo. During riposo, local businesses, churches, museums, and shops close for several hours between 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. so that workers can rest.

8. Art

When most think about the countries with the most famous artwork, Italy instantly comes to mind. Italy is home to some of the most prominent and stunning paintings and sculptures. From the Birth of Venus by Botticelli to Michelangelo’s statue of David, the art of Italy is enthralling.

What else do you think Italians do better? Let us know in the comment section below!

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