Children Hospital in Italy – Therapy Dogs Are Eager to See Their Children ♡

Dogs are an amazing source of comfort in difficult times, especially to children in hospitals. The benefits of therapy animals are virtually endless.

Are you ever feeling down and your dog just senses it? Furry friends are attuned to human emotions and provide comfort. Therapy dogs have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and lift spirits!

Therapy dogs have helped individuals with many disabilities including Autism, ADHD, and even Alzheimer’s according to a study.

The image below was posted by Rick Crouthamel several years ago. However, this image reminds us of how comforting animals are each and every day. His caption read, “In a children’s hospital of Italy – therapy dogs are impatiently waiting to see their respective children. This is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen today.” When looking at the picture, you can observe how eager the dogs appear!


Rick Crouthamel [Facebook]

Swall A, Ebbeskog B, Lundh Hagelin C, Fagerberg I. Stepping out of the shadows of Alzheimer’s disease: a phenomenological hermeneutic study of older people with Alzheimer’s disease caring for a therapy dog. Int J Qual Stud Health Well-being. 2017;12(1):1347013. doi:10.1080/17482631.2017.1347013

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