11 Things Nonna & Nonna Do Best 👌 🇮🇹

There are just somethings that nonna and nonno do better than anyone else you know!

From nonnas cooking to nonnos stories, Italian grandparents really do things better than the average person. Check out our list of 11 things that nonna and nonno do best!

1. Spoil you

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No one spoils you quite like your grandparents. In their eyes you are an angel and they spoil you at any chance they can.

2. Sunday dinners

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If nonna doesn’t have a hand in participating in Sunday dinner then is it really even considered Sunday dinner?

3. Always taking your side

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If you’re ever in a disagreement with your parents, nonna and nonno will always stick up for you.

4. The sauce making process

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If nonna and nonno aren’t there than the process just isn’t the same right?

5. Storytelling

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I don’t know about you, but I’d rather hear about how my nonni met over what my friend did at the bar on the weekend.

6. Entertaining us

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Nonno’s dancing is all the entertainment I need.

7. Showing up unannounced

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Is it just me, or does everyone’s nonno show up to their house unannounced with food?

8. Salami and sausage making process

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Just like the sauce, it’s not the same unless nonna and nonno are helping

9. Keeping and reusing everything

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Nonna’s everywhere have an attachment to that plate set from 1980 even if they have newer more modern plates.

10. Sneaking you money

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They are famous for finding pockets on you to shove some money in even if you try and fight them off.

11. Making you feel guilty

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Haven’t spoken to nonna and nonno in two days? You better believe they will make you feel like you’ve committed a crime.

What else do nonna and nonno do best? Let us know in the comments below.


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