Top 8 Most Popular & Authentic Italian Pizzas 🍕 🇮🇹

You've probably eaten a lot of pizza in your lifetime, but if you've never tried pizza in Italy then you are missing out.

If you’ve sat at an Neapolitan pizza ristorante and enjoyed a few slices of pizza then you’d understand the importance of pizza in Italy and the toppings that go on them.

Check out our list of top 8 popular and authentic Italian pizzas. You gotta try all of them to find out which is your favorite

1. Margherita

Pizza, Margherita, Italy, Tricolor
Photo by Pixabay

The classic margherita pizza. Made with only the freshest of ingredients making this pizza a favorite amongst many!

2. Capricciosa

Capricciosa Pizza Recipes | Food Network Canada
Photo by The Food Network

Just a mix of everything. Translating to capricious which means irregular or wild, this pizza is for people who like a little bit of everything.

3. Parma

Prosciutto Pizza
Photo by The Spruce Eats

Topped with freshly sliced prosciutto, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and arugula, this pizza gives an extra savory flavour.

4. Quattro Stagioni

Photo by Wikipedia

Can’t choose between toppings? The quattro stagioni is for you then. With each slice being different, you get to have all the best things all on one pizza!

5. Patata

Order Amico Chef Pizzeria and Bakery Delivery Online | Toronto | Menu &  Prices | Uber Eats
Photo by UberEats

For those who enjoy pizza bianca, the patata pizza consists of usually only thinly slices potatoes, salt, rosemary and oil.

6. Mortadella

Ricetta Pizza mortadella e pistacchio - La ricetta di Piccole Ricette
Photo by PiccoleRicette

If you live for mortadella sandwiches then this mortadella pistachio pizza is for you. The combination is out of this world and you will wonder why you didn’t have this pizza sooner.

7. Diavola

Photo by PadCook

For those who love a little spice, the spicy salami on the diavola pizza will have you salivating.

8. Ortolana

La Pizza Vegetariana Ricetta e Ingredienti - Silvio Cicchi
Photo by SilvioCicchi

Mainly for vegetarians, this pizza consists of mixed veggies making it light yet super flavorful.

Which pizza is your favourite? Can you add to our list? Share in the comment section below.



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