You Know You’re Turning Into Your Nonna When…๐Ÿ‘ต ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

To forcing your guests to eat when they are full from your huge plastic bag collection, this is how you know you are turning into your nonna!

Growing up in an Italian home means you’ve developed many characteristics and habits from your mother and nonna. Because of this, you’ve probably caught yourself a few times doing things exactly like them!

Here is out list of signs you know you’re turning into you nonna when..

1. You start collecting plastic bags

What to Do With Those Plastic Grocery Bags โ€” THE POSTMODERN HOMEMAKER
Photo by The Post Modern Homemaker

2. You wash plates before loading them in the dish washer

Mug, Porcelain, Dishwasher, For Home
Photo by Pixabay

3. You get a good feeling inside when you buy something made in Italy

Supporting Made in Italy during the epidemic. - Investor Visa for Italy
Photo by InvestorVisa

4. You start to like watching game shows

Winning The Price Is Right: Strategies for Contestants' Row, Plinko, and the  Showcase Showdown.
Photo by Slate

5. You canโ€™t walk around the house unless you have your house slippers on

Shoes, Slippers, Fashionable, Elegant, Outstanding
Photo by Pixabay

6. You save and re-use containers, bags and jars

Glass Containers, Glass, Empty, Clean, Transparent
Photo by Pixabay

7. You have a whole new appreciation for pasta

person sheeting dough
Photo by Unsplash

8. You know what to look for when shopping in the produce section at the grocery store

red tomato beside pile of orange carrots close-up photo
Photo by Unsplash

9. You start forcing guests at your house to eat more even if they are full

Does Overeating Actually Stretch Your Stomach? The Answer Might Surprise  You | STACK
Photo by Stack

10. You cook and bake without needing to use measurements

Background, Baker, Baking, Cooking, Culinary, Culture
Photo by Pixabay

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