TOP 6 Things Everyones Nonna Has Done Since Covid Started 👵 🇮🇹

Is it just us or have your nonna's made you feel more guilty since the pandemic?

As we continue to deal with this global pandemic, our Nonna’s are slowly losing their patience and are dying to have the family over again for Sunday dinner!

Here is our list of 6 things every Nonna has done since Covid started!

1. Called their children and grandchildren more than 2 times a day

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Nonna knows your have more free time to talk with her.

2. Made you feel guilty (even more than usual) for not going over to see her

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As if she didn’t make you feel guilty enough, she made you feel even worse during the pandemic but you stayed away for her safety.

3. Delivered you food or begged you to come over to get some food she made

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She just wanted to make sure you were fed properly.

4. Asked you to go over for just a quick espresso, then asked you to do things for her around the house

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One quick espresso turns into you fixing things all around her house for over an hour.

5. Told you she couldn’t wait until the pandemic to be over so she could hug and kiss you

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I think we are actually all in the same boat with this one.

6. Expressed to you how annoyed she was getting with your Nonno

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Nonno is driving her crazy more than usual!

What else has your nonna done since the pandemic started? Let us know in the comment section below.



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