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You Know It’s an Italian Easter When…

In Italy, Easter is one of the most important holidays! It is a day of celebration that commemorates Christ’s resurrection.

Many families have the largest parties on Christmas, but for Italians, Easter is celebrated just as much! It is filled with love, laughter, and great food!

You know it’s an Italian Easter when…

1. Eggs are an important part of many dishes especially  Torta Pasqualina

2. The family starts eating EARLY… Like even earlier than Sunday Dinner

3. Your Easter basket contains Kinder bars instead of Hershey bars

4. The whole family goes to mass on Easter morning and then back to someone’s house to mangia

5. There is every type of  Casatiello Napoletano on the planet

6. Your family makes lamb and fresh beans

7. Nonna makes lemon ricotta cookies

8. There are HUGE antipasto platters

9. There is Pane di Pasqua  everywhere

10. Your family begins baking at least a week in advance

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