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8 Things Nonna & Nonno Love Talking About 👵❤️👴

Have you ever noticed that your Nonna and Nonno talk about the same things over and over? Here is our list of 8 things Nonna and Nonno love talking about!

1. Their garden

Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Bush Tomatoes, Mature, Garden
Photo by Pixabay

They love to brag about how big their tomatoes are and how they have the best peppers!

2. The deals at the grocery store

Grocery, Shopping, Supermarket, Merchandising
Photo by Pixabay

They are infamous for telling everyone about the sales at the grocery stores and how they bought in bulk.

3. The project they are working on

Tools, Diy, Do It Yourself, Hammer, Carpentry
Photo by Pixabay

If they are working on something, they love to tell you about it.

4. Telling stories from 40 years ago

Photos, Hands, Hold, Old, Old Photographs, Photography
Photo by Pixabay

Which usually are the best kind of stories.

5. Their grandchildren 

Birthday, Grandmother, Nieto, Granddaughter
Photo by Pixabay

..and they usually always have a favorite one.

6. How expensive or cheap something was

American, Bank, Banking, Banknote, Bill, Business, Cash
Photo by Pixabay

The cost of things is very important to them.

7. Gossiping about someone else in the family – like a distant cousin

Gossip, Friend, Woman, Gossiping, Person, Women, Fun
Photo by Pixabay

They always know all the family drama and love to spread the word.

8. How much better their food Is in comparison to someone else

Spaghetti, Noodles, Tomatoes, Pasta, Starter, Scampi
Photo by Pixabay

In their eyes, nobodies food comes close to theirs.

What do your Nonna and Nonno love to talk to about? Let us know in the comments below.



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