Breaking Bread with Richard Vetere

In the third installment of Breaking Bread, Anthony interviews his former professor, mentor, and acclaimed writer, Richard Vetere.

As many of you reading already know, this blog column holds a special place in my heart. I love being able to promote Italian culture in America and profile those who should be recognized for their accomplishments. Since starting Breaking Bread, I’ve skimmed my list of contacts through the years searching for Italian Americans to highlight.

Richard Vetere is my former professor at CUNY Queens College. Since graduating from Queens College, Richard has remained a mentor to me. I can proudly say that he truly helped me get where I am today.

Richard is an accomplished author, screenwriter, director, and actor who has worked with just about anyone you could imagine. He became a major player in the entertainment industry after writing the script for the 80s cult classic, Vigilante. One of his most popular novels, The Third Miracle, was also produced into a film to which he co-wrote the script.

I would also like to point out that the first guest on our blog, Ray Abruzzo, has known Richard for almost 50 years. The hometown connections that Italian Americans make are uncanny and I am glad this sense of community has found its way to Breaking Bread.

Breaking Bread with Richard Vetere.

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