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You Can Get Paid $33,000 to Move to Calabria – Small Catch

Been wanting to move to Calabria? This may be your chance!

The region of Calabria is offering new residents $33,000 over 3 years to move there. Several villages in Italy are participating in the program including Aieta, Albidona, Bova, Caccuri, Civita, Samo and Precacore, San Donato di Ninea, Sant’Agata del Bianco, and Santa Severina.

  • The catch: You must work for a small business or be under 40.

The residency is offered by “The Active Residency Project,”. This project has about $829,000 to disperse to new residents. Those chosen to move to Calabria must do so within 90 days of being selected.

  • All updates can be found here: here

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