Top 8 Italian Expressions You’ve Probably Heard

Trying to pick up more Italian words and phrases? If so, the following 8 expressions will surely make you sound more Italian!

What is another Italian expression you often hear? Let us know in the comments!

1. Non mi va!

Translation: “I don’t feel like it!”

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2. Non te la prendere!

Translation: “Don’t take it to heart!”

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3. Ti sta bene!

Translation: “Serves you right!”

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4.  Acqua in bocca!

Translation: “Keep the water in your mouth”, in other words, “Keep it to yourself”

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5. “Che bello!”

Translation: “How beautiful!”

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6. “Uffa!”

Used to express anger

7. “Mi Raccomando!”

Translation: “Please, I beg you!” – Used to express emphasis when asking for something

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8. “Neanche per sogno”

Translation: “No way,!” “Don’t even dream about it!”

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