Top 20 Memories of Growing up Italian ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

There is nothing like growing up Italian! Italian kids grow up surrounded by great food and family members who love them more than life.

Below are the top 20 memories of growing up Italian! What would you add? Comment below!

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1. Pretending to fall asleep at your cousins so you could sleep over

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2. Eating pastina every time you felt sick

3. Playing in the hose because you didn’t have a pool

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4. Walking to Nonna’s house often

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5. Learning what it meant to eat well from birth

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6. Learning (and using) all the Italian swear words

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7. Going to mass / Going to Catholic School

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8. Going to Nonna’s after mass for an early Sunday dinner

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9. Getting 3,971 pictures taken in your baptism outfit

Photo by Gadea on Unsplash

10. Memorizing many different songs that were sung to you

Photo by Kira Laktionov on Unsplash

11. Getting hit by a shoe or two… or 39

Photo by Yogesh on Unsplash

12. Receiving your first gold bracelet before you could walk

Photo by Nataliya on Unsplash

14. Getting a picture taken eating pasta in your highchair

Photo by Harry on Unsplash

15. Getting buzzed off wine and 7-up before you even knew what buzzed or alcohol was

Photo by Irene on Unsplash

16. Sitting with Nonno while he played his accordion and sang to you

Photo by Caroline on Unsplash

17. Learning how to grate cheese and help out in the kitchen (You needed a stool to reach the counter)

Photo by Mathilde on Unsplash

18. Spending SO much time with your cousins (They are basically your siblings)

Photo by Andrea on Unsplash

19. Calling 297 people aunt or uncle and never questioning it

Photo by Kellyon Unsplash

20. Learning that you better kiss every relative goodbye or else

Photo by Maria on Unsplash

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