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Italian Bishop Tells Children There is No Santa 😲 🎅🏼

A bishop in Sicily just told schoolchildren that Santa is not real. However, there is more to the story.

A Sicilian bishop, Antonio Stagliano, spoke to children about the diminishment of the true meaning of Christmas and how the holiday is highly commercialized.

According to Sicilian media outlets, he dropped a bomb by declaring, “No, Santa Claus does not exist. In fact, I would add that the red of the suit he wears was chosen by Coca-Cola exclusively for advertising purposes.” 

The Bishop’s comments disappointed many children and angered numerous parents. 

The Diocese of Noto posted an apology on Facebook. Father Alessandro Paolini explained, “First of all, on behalf of the Bishop, I express regret for this statement that has disappointed the children and want to clarify that this was not at all Mr. Staglian’s intention.”

Photo by Walter Chávez on Unsplash

He went on to state that the Bishop intended to “reflect on the meaning of Christmas and the beautiful traditions that accompany it with greater awareness and “regain the beauty of a Christmas now increasingly ‘commercial’ and ‘de-Christianized.’”

He also stated, “If we can all draw a lesson, young or old, from the figure of Santa Claus (which originates with Bishop St. Nicholas), it is this: fewer gifts to “create” and “consume” and more “gifts” to share.” 

Photo by Dan Kiefer on Unsplash

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