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Why Italians Don’t Drink Cappuccino After 11am

Italians are known for their love of coffee. Whether it's espresso, cappuccino, or cafe latte, no country does coffee quite like Italians. 

However, with their love of coffee also comes some specific rules. Some wonder whether it is a myth that Italians do not consume cappuccinos after 11 am. Although there may be some exceptions, in general, the rule is NO CAPPUCCINO AFTER 11 AM.

This practice may seem peculiar, especially to Americans who are used to stopping at coffee shops and grabbing cappuccinos throughout the day. Nevertheless, Italians have some understandable reasons for not having cappuccinos after 11 am. Italians consider these creamy beverages, such as lattes and cappuccinos too heavy for after meals and during the afternoon. 

An Italian breakfast typically consists of a cappuccino and a small pastry such as a croissant. Thus, a creamy latte goes well with such a light pastry.

Photo by Gabriel Forsberg on Unsplash

In contrast, during the afternoons, Italians simply drink espresso. When ordering an espresso in Italy, you just ask for a ” caffè”! 

So if you plan to visit Italy in the future and wish to fit it, we recommend you do not order a cappuccino after 11 am unless you want to stir up some laughter.

Photo by Anubhav Arora on Unsplash

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