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Top 5 Biggest Differences Between France and Italy

If you have ever seen Italy and France portrayed in movies and television shows, you likely noticed several similarities. However, there are also quite a few differences between the two stunning countries. Below are the top 5!

1. Price

France is more pricey than Italy, especially in large cities like Paris. Italy is about 11.6% cheaper than France. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in a downtown area of Italy is about $639.56 in Italy and $756.00 in France. Food, transportation, and hotels are all more expensive in France.

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

2. Size

France is 83% larger than Italy, or 1.8 times bigger. Therefore, if you plan on viewing as much of the country as possible as fast as possible, Italy is your best bet. In terms of the population, Italy has 59.55 million people, while France has 67.39 million people.

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3. Climate

The climate of France is colder and wetter than that of Itay as it is farther north. Italy has more of a warm Mediterranean climate. However, the temperatures in the mountainous northern territories of Italy are similar to those of France. Throughout the year, the temperatures in Italy range from 37°F to 89°F. In France, the temperatures range from 32°F to 75°F.

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4. People

It is a common misconception that all French people are snobby and impertinent, but this is not the case. Although the French are warmer once you get to know them, Italians are more sociable and companionable. Many people visit Italy and explain that the locals welcome them in as if they were family. Italians are typically warmer and more inviting than the French, and Italy is more family-oriented. Moreover, French people are more reserved while Italians are loud and energetic. 

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5. History

From the stunning Eiffel Tower in France to the Colleseum in Italy, it is evident that both countries bost stunning historic landmarks. However, one major difference is that France has 41 UNESCO sites while Italy has 55!

Photo by Urban Jyden on Unsplash

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