Top 15 Things Italians Spend Their Money On

There are some things Italians just can't resist spending their money on! Pressure washers for the driveway, cheese, coffee, and more!

1. Plastic for their furniture 

Because the furniture just has to last 70 years

2. Spoiling grandkids

We know you’ve gotten the money-slip handshake

3. Pressure washers for the driveway

No dirty driveways over here

4. Fine china

Fine china that never gets used because its “for show”

5. Good coffee

Italians don’t do the cheap coffee thing

5. Prosciutto 

Because it’s essential 

6. Jewelry 

Gold corno, gold bracelets, etc.

7. Cologne 

We all have a relative that wears Acqua Di Gio

8. Cigars

Italians splurge when it comes to their cigars 

9. Food in general 

Italians will contemplate spending money on many things, but never food

10. Shoes 

Because they’re essential too

11. Grapes to make wine

Italians will spend 1,000 in seconds if it’s going towards grapes to make vino

12. Casinos

Basically all that Italian grandparents like to do

13. Cheese

Only the best quality formaggio, and lots of it 

14. The water bill 

Because everyone is always gardening or washing the driveway

15. Gifts 

In Italian homes, gifts come in envelopes 

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