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90-year-old Marco shelters 7 Ukrainian children and their mothers in Parma

Mr. Marco Borgini, 90, of Parma, provided shelter to seven Ukrainian children and their three mothers.

It was between March 8 and 11, when the Italian managed to take advantage of an open corridor between western Ukrainian cities Lviv, when the children and their mothers began to make their way toward the Apennines. Marco had been a sporting goods store owner in hi city for many years, and in the building where he lives there was also the Ukrainian Natalia, who was been working with him for 11 years. She mobilized to help her relatives flee when the war broke out.

“I still remember the war. Now I feel like I’ve suddenly become the grandfather of 7 grandchildren. I knew them because some time ago I went to Ukraine to meet them. “I am happy to be able to help in this painful situation,” Borgini told the paper. The youngest child is 2 years old and is almost inseparable from his mother. The eldest girl is 17 years old and before arriving in Italy, she studied at a design school. “Every day after waking up, the first thing he does is search the internet for news about Ukraine,” says Natalia.


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