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Top 5 Unbreakable Rules for Making Authentic Pasta Carbonara (PLUS Recipe)

Carbonara is one dish that never gets old! It is filling and delicious! However, it can easily be ruined if a few essential steps are not followed!

Discover the top 5 rules you MUST follow when making pasta carbonara! Also, get the recipe below for authentic carbonara by Vincenzo from Vincenzo’s Plate!

1. Do not use bacon

For authentic carbonara, it is vital to use guanciale, not bacon! 

2. Don’t scramble the eggs

When adding the eggs to the pasta, it is important to shut off the heat. If you leave the heat on, you will be left with scrambled eggs and pasta

3. Keep it simple

Don’t go adding whatever spices your heart desires or you WILL ruin the dish. All you need is black pepper!

4. Save some pasta water! 

You better think twice before dumping all the starchy pasta water! The leftover pasta water helps to create creamy carbonara!

5. No farfalle, parpadelle. etc. 

The key to excellent spaghetti carbonara is to use spaghetti and cook it al dente! Like Vincenzo from Vincenzo’s Plate says, “The carbonara likes spaghetti!”

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  1. Who is this fake roman cook ? The eggs are not fresh … they break when you drop them into the bowl. You haven’t blended the bacon with white wine … in Rome we almost always cook using wine. You should use one whole egg plus one egg yolk for each serving. Pecorino Romano is used and not Parmesan. The pasta must not be on the stove when you add the cream … to avoid making scrambled eggs and pasta …. with all the water you added you pasta is surely overcooked .Look how pale your carbonara is … it must be yellow and not white. Shame on you ! Le uova non sono fresche…si rompono quando le fai cadere nella ciotola. Non hai sfumato il guanciale con il vino bianco…a Roma si cucina quasi sempre usando il vino . Dovevi usare un’uovo intero piu’ un rosso di uovo per ogni porzione. Si usa il pecorino romano e non il parmigiano. La pasta non deve stare sul fuoco quando aggiungi la crema…cosi’ fai le uova strapazzate e con tutta l’acqua che hai aggiunto sai come e’ scotta quella pasta ? Guarda com’e’ pallida la tua carbonara …deve essere gialla e non bianca . Vergognati !

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