New York Times Best-Selling Author Adriana Trigiani Discusses the Inspiration for Her New Novel, “The Good Left Undone.”

New York Times best-selling author Adriana Trigiani’s new book, “The Good Left Undone” comes out April 26. Trigiani discussed her inspiration for the novel and her aspirations for a possible TV show. 

It has been so long since we last spoke! What have you been up to since then?

I directed a movie with Kathie Lee Gifford and Craig Ferguson in Scotland called “Then Came You.” Directing that film led to my new novel, “The Good Left Undone.” I do a Facebook Live event every week. I’m working on a new book and I’m currently turning “The Good Left Undone” into a television series. I want to write and direct the show. 

That’s so incredible! Do you have a streaming service in mind?

I will be happy if any of those wonderful platforms want to buy it! Right now I’m just trying to work with some great producers. That’s what’s really important.

Where do you want to film the TV show?

I would love to do it in Italy and Scotland. 

What was the inspiration for “The Good Left Undone?”

It was a confluence of things that happened such as a tour of the Vatican, my mother passing, my contemporary Italian family in Italy and directing “Then Came You” in Scotland. 

The first thing that happened is I made a list of places I wanted to see in Scotland before we started filming. One of the places on my list was St. Andrew’s Cathedral. When I got to the church, there was a wedding going on, but I decided to stay for the Mass. I guess you can say I crashed the wedding! Keep in mind that this happened during the spring of 2018, and my mom had just passed away a few months prior. I realized at the Mass that the bride had chosen the same music my mom had chosen for her funeral. I started crying in the middle of the church. I started having a breakdown– and during a breakdown, that’s when things hit you! I started becoming more present. I kept thinking, ‘this is really interesting.’ 

Since there is a wedding scene in “Then Came You,” I started taking pictures of this wedding outside of the church. 

The priest asked me who I was, and I explained to him that I was just a tourist. He then proceeded to ask me my name. When I told him my name was Adriana Trigiani, he pointed out that I had an Italian name. He told me that I had to go into the Memorial Garden, right outside of the church. 

When I got into the garden, the idea for the novel came to me. 

This novel is like peeling an onion. It’s my greatest work! 

Do you think this will be a stand-alone novel?

Yes. I’m hoping everyone reads it! This one is really going to really matter. The story starts out in India. 

In the past, I know that you’ve based characters on members of your family. Did you do the same thing in “The Good Left Undone?” 

Absolutely! The grandmother in the book is looking back at her life, and I thought of my grandmother. 

It took me four years to write this novel. My last novel came out three years ago. I did that on purpose. 

I loved your children’s book “House of Love!” Why did you want to write a children’s book? Do you think you’ll write more?

I do think I’ll write more. For me, it’s how a story strikes me. “House of Love” was meant to be a short story with pictures. 

What challenges have you run into with COVID when it comes to directing?

We haven’t been able to do any production since COVID. It was a good time to focus on writing. Now things are getting back to normal. It was rough for a long time.

How will you be proceeding when promoting this new novel? 

I am moving forward like it’s all going to be fine. I am double vaxxed and I will get boosted again. I will not be spreading any germs. We will have COVID protocol. We will be signing the books before the show so attendees can pick it up on the way out or they can get it if they choose to leave early. 

Where will you be traveling?

I will be traveling as far west as Phoenix. I will be having national Barnes and Noble virtual events with Mitch Albom and Facebook interviews with Kristin Hannah and David Baldacci. 

What authors do you have coming up for your Facebook Live event?

I will be interviewing Steven Van Zandt. I love his book “Unrequited Infatuations.” 

What are you currently reading? 

I am reading Mel Brooks’ book “All about Me! My Remarkable Life in Show Business.”  

I love that your novels were featured on “Sex and the City” and the recent reboot “And Just Like That!” How do you know Michael Patrick King?

We worked together on “Good Sports” with Farrah Fawcett when we were just starting out. We’ve been friends ever since!  

What was your favorite part of “And Just Like That?”

I like that it dealt with serious topics. I don’t think in the history of show business that actors who played characters in their 30’s turned around and played them again in their 50’s. 

I wanted Carrie to end up with Aiden at the end of the show. 

You never know! Anything is possible! 

Will you write another book in the “Valentine” series?

My readers really want me to write another one. Yes, I will write it. I know what happens to Valentine. If my readers get my book, “The Good Left Undone” to No. 1, I’ll write another one!

Adriana’s Guide to New York: 

Favorite Restaurant: Mario Carbone’s, 181 Thompson St., New York Date Spot: The Hudson River

Dessert: Pasticceria Rocco, 243 Bleecker St., #4438, New York    

Sports Team: New York Giants and New York Yankees 

Join Adriana on tour: https://adrianatrigiani.com/meet-adriana/

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