Our Crazy Kentucky Derby Story

Last year, we won a bet on the Kentucky Derby that was used to buy my girlfriend (Marissa) a new car. But there is something powerful to the story that I wanted to share with you all.
For years, Marissa always told me “I see the number 743, in that order, everywhere.” In the beginning, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was a coincidence.
But the more we would hang out together, I started seeing the numbers too. It would be the length of a YouTube video, the time on the microwave, an order number, etc… It showed up everywhere. Always in the same order. After a while, I knew this wasn’t a coincidence.
So, the day before the Derby, I bet it as a straight trifecta on the final race. The odds of the bet hitting were insanely rare.
When it came time to watch the race, I checked my ticket. I realized I didn’t bet on the final race. I bet the 1st race by accident. I was upset! I called my dad and told him I made a mistake and now I’m not going to win.
This was at a time when my girlfriend’s car was starting to have issues. It really wasn’t safe to drive but she couldn’t afford to get anything else. She’s in school so she has minimal time to work. This bet HAD to work or she would have been driving an unsafe vehicle for a long time.
My dad told me, you might as well check and see if it won because it already had ended (I didn’t even know).
I look up the results of the first race, here is the order the horses finished in…
1st place: Horse #7
2nd place: Horse #4
3rd place: Horse #3
The odds of the bet to hit was almost impossible. I reread the ticket several times over before celebrating because it didn’t feel real.
After we won and got the money, we went car shopping. We visited 2 dealerships and were having terrible luck. Until we stopped at a Ford dealership.
When we were negotiating, Marissa noticed the salesman had a pack of red Marlboro cigarettes in the trash can. These were the exact cigarettes her grandfather used to smoke and they reminded her of him. We ended up getting a great deal and put a down payment on the car!
I wanted to share this with you all because I truly believe our grandparents are still watching us and taking care of us from heaven.
Please let me know if you ever feel signs like we felt! I would love to hear if you guys ever feel signs from your family members that have passed as well. 🙏

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