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Italy’s Venice is the first city in the world to announce a tax for tourists

Italy’s Venice has become the world’s first city to announce an entry fee for tourists as it is trying to tackle the problem of overcrowding. The city will charge a €3-€10 entry fee from tourists starting January 16, 2023. Visitors will also have to make an online booking before travelling to Venice next year.

The scheme makes Venice the first city in the world to require an entrance fee. 

“We are pioneers, the first city in the world to apply a measure that could be revolutionary,” said Simone Venturini, the Venice tourism chief.

He also described the new policy as a remedy for the “over-tourism” issue. Notably, the city has long struggled with excessive tourism. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, tourism in Venice is on the upswing, with daily tourists frequently outnumbering the 50,000 city center residents.

The cost of the tickets will fluctuate. It will depend on how many people come; the more demands for admittance, the more expensive it will be.

The procedure for purchasing tickets will soon be disclosed. Additionally, the ticket obligation has a number of caveats, according to budget councilwoman Michele Zuin. The purchase of entry tickets is not required for city residents, the disabled, homeowners, individuals visiting the city for medical reasons, to see relatives, or to attend cultural events, as well as children under the age of six.

There is no admittance cost for overnight hotel guests. It’s because their hotel will already be collecting a tourist tax from them. Visitors who disobey the entry fee requirement will be subject to a fine of between €50 and €300.

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